Monday, November 12, 2007

Victory! Corporal Punishment Preserved

There was some more great news for the ACDP from the national convention...

The ANC brought in a new bill with the headline of improving legislation to prevent child trafficking. On top of that they piggy-backed a clause that banned spanking at home. Immediately we should ask why they had to be so secretive? Did they not want the public to find out?

The ACDP of course spotted the clause and sounded the alarm. Now for the rest of the facts I'm trying to put down what I remember of what MP Cheryllyn Dudley said. The entire bill came to a bit of a head, because there was considerable sport for the human trafficking clauses, but still considerable debate over corporal punishment.

Mrs Dudley felt the Holy Spirit prompt her to suggest to parliament that Clause 13 (corporal punishment) be removed so that the bill could still go through. The suggestion was accepted, which was a major victory.

Just to clarify, the ACDP's recommendations to parliament are that parents be required to give a reason for the discipline to children before they administer it, and that the discipline not be done in anger. As a matter of principle, the ACDP upholds the duty of parents to raise their children rather than government. This is in contrast to liberal views, particularly in America or Britain that have continuously transferred responsibilities of the parents to schools and govermental institutions. The end result is a breakdown of respect children have for their parents and with it the well-publicised breakdown in school discipline these countries are experiencing.

The ACDP holds that the core unit of a healthy culture is a healthy family unit. When you understand this value system, it is easy to understand why the ACDP stands against homosexual marriage, prostitution, gambling and other family-eroding institutions.

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