Friday, November 16, 2007

Oh To Be Solution-Minded

I've just read an interesting document on the ANC's communist agenda. It's a long list of specific pieces of legislation and quotes from ANC leaders that paint a very clear picture of what the intentions of the present government are. If you know how serious the threat of communism is, with its poor economic track record and its insistence on central power of all citizens, you may be alarmed to know how serious the ANC is on bringing it through.

Nevertheless, I was challenged by this thought: can I envision in my mind the alternative? As South Africans we develop a doom-and-gloom mentality very easily. Even the DA is proud to call itself the official opposition, and you wander if they believe their job is only to oppose things and not to provide a solution.

At this point we remind ourselves to stand up proudly and say: we have a solution, we believe it is viable and we believe it is achievable. In the ACDP we do have a value-based party that is federally based, that reflects of the views of the majority better than the ANC or DA do and in its membership reflects the demographics of this country more accurately than any other party.
The DA have taught us that making a noise is not enough - it's time to bring some good news and a bright outlook on our country!

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