Monday, November 19, 2007

Elbow Grease

I was seriously challenged today by someone who refuses to vote for the ACDP. He took offense to the fact that the party were preaching morality at him, and despite being a strong Christian, preferred to vote for a party that would serve his neighbourhood despite the moral standing of his party.

I understand his position. I scorn his ignorance of the moral issues, but I do accept that the ACDP hasn't had a lot of chance to show their readiness to buckle down and serve. A track record is important, especially in the realm of politics, where promises are made with little comprehension for what they require.

Firstly, I want to say in the ACDP's defense that there is not a lot you can do without finances and position. You are not allowed to build roads, make laws, run the police, run council finances or change the laws. There are of course things that you can do, such as get involved in community projects that require effort rather than finance (and this in your own spare time too, because without finances you need your own job). Also, you can do well with what you are given, and it is well known now that the ACDP punches well above its weight in parliament and in councils.

However, I do accept one criticism: if you believe in a project, go out to business and raise funds. The ACDP has been attempting to secure financial backing for a long time, but raising funds for a community project could be a more feasible alternative for some businesses. When they see that their donations are well spent in community service, perhaps they'll be more ready to inject cash directly into the party.

The bottom line is that the ACDP needs to continue sowing themselves into work on the ground that is visible to the voters. It's a pity that this contradicts the Bible which says you should not do good works to be seen - I don't have an answer on that one, do you?


Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with funding...

God blesses and makes rulers of those who are faithful with little.

If you take a closer look at the internal affairs of the ACDP, what would one see?

In other words, to reiterate a previous question posted to you that wasn’t answered –
“How many staff members of the ACDP left, was fired, resigned within 1 year?”


How do you support a party that rejects the rejected?

If you read the story about David, especially the chapter where he was hiding in the cave, what do you read concerning the type of people who flocked to him?

Eric Savage said...

With all respect to the immediate question, I assume there's an undercurrent here. Did you have some specific experiences with the ACDP that concerned you? For instance, what do you mean when you say "rejects the rejected"?

When we have disciplinary cases, out of respect to those involved we don't splash details across news media.

I'd love to know what concerns you - please fill me in...

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