Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Only Multi-Racial Party?

Every political party in South Africa sets out with the objective of being multi-racial - of having a healthy blend of black, white, coloured and Indian members. It's an enigma that's hard to chase down, because you have to pull different worldviews together and have everybody focusing in on the same objectives.

Let's for a moment look at the different political parties and be frank about their ethnic make-up. The ANC has always had strongly black roots, including a strong Xhosa influence, but pulling in considerable sections of Indian and coloured support too. The IFP has undoubtedly always been primarily a Zulu party. The UDM gets most of its support from blacks in Kwazulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape. The Minority Front represents the Indian vote, and the Freedom Front has a conservative white representation. The PAC and SACP have nearly always been primarily black parties. The ID are perhaps more difficult to class. The DA are still primarily a white party, with decent support from Indians and coloureds and some disenchanted blacks.

That brings us to the ACDP. The ACDP was founded from a black president's vision, has always had good white involvement, and has been effective in both the Indian areas of KZN and the coloured areas of the western provinces. The current NEC (National Executive Committee) is a full mix of the four of the primary ethnicities. Black support has always been a strong part of the party and Limpopo is a huge growth area among the blacks.

This is remarkable - can any other party in South Africa claim the representivity that the ACDP enjoy? How can it be possible? Simply, it's the Christian message that pulls everyone together. Christianity has been a stunningly successful unifier across the globe with millions of converts across China, Brazil, India, Europe, Africa, North America, etc. The ACDP has a rigorous set of values that don't shift with the winds and the party has always stressed its values over its personalities, which is why its members have less trouble looking beyond skin colour and looking to the issues themselves.

The implications are huge... the ACDP's ethnic balance simply makes the party better placed than the DA to replace the ANC. The DA will either need to shake off its "white party" image, or pull the majority black population to the point where they are disenchanted with the blacks' ability to run a government. On the contrary, the ACDP already have the ethnic balance that the DA crave, and with their emphasis on federalism over centralism are better able to adapt to the cultures of specific areas.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I am a 50 year old white male who for the last 10 years has voted ACDP ,prior to this I voted once in my lifetime I do not vote for the party because it is a multiracial party ,but because its constitution is based on the unmoveable unchangeable word of God .At my age I have got tired of the never ending race issue.I thank God that today I have friends like myself that ignore colour difference I hope in Heaven we are all purple(please the same shade)the same bodily dimensions in every way. Not less endowed than any other ie sexually,strength,looks ect mentally ect .Check out the New Black Panther you tube coments by Kalu Muhamid KILL ALL THE WHITES and Nelson Mandela and Then Check out the call for all Whites to arm them selves by the AWB on there site.South Africa needs real reconciliation with God and we as Christians have all been given this Ministry 2Cor 5:19.many mornings I pray for Keneth and the ACDP to come into power,but the truth is Christians are still Voting for other parties ,parties that KILL babies legal abortion. STEAL the peoples money ,Destroy the childrens future through the lack of proper education ect.Sounds like Satan's party. IT's time that our(SPIRITUAL) Ministers in our Churches(THIS IS A SPIRITUAL MATTER) take the risk of being unpopular stand up and support the ACDP properly not just a one morning stand and make a
stand for God.Glen

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