Monday, October 29, 2007

First-time Welcome

Welcome to the brand new blog: The ACDP Insider.

Political parties are usually something of a black box, spitting out all kinds messages for the media, but leaving the general public wondering just what goes on behind the scenes.

This blog is about reversing that trend a little. No, it's not an official mouthpiece and there's no official communication here that you can splash on the front of newspapers, and of course I won't spill the beans on internal disciplinary matters. But I will tell you what it's like being on the inside of a political party, how the engine room works, what drives people.

Now the ACDP is not yet South Africa's biggest party, and by no means its smallest either, but it's an incredibly interesting party too. Some of the ACDP's policies definitely kick out against the trend and cause you to stop and think twice, maybe thrice. If you're ready to think outside the box, ready to question what you've always been told on the telly, I just think you might enjoy heading this way for a few nuggets too.


Vincent Maher said...

Eric, this blog is a great idea and I hope you keep it up because we need more blogs like this tracking political issues and the inner workings of party politics in the run-up to the elections.

Eric Savage said...

Thanks Vincent. I hope you enjoy the content I've got lined up and that you have some thoughts to share as well.

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